Everpoll UV801 Disinfection Faucet

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Product Description

  • Ultraviolet Sterilization
    – The latest patent product can solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by microorganisms (bacteria, algae, and virus) in water and the filter cartridges (sterilization rate: 99.99%)
  • Energy Saving
    – CCFL cold cathode UV opto-electronic technology enables low energy low consumption, no incrustation and long life span
    Electricity consumption is only 0.001 degree for every 10 litres of water
  • Double Sterilizations
    – UV(wavelength 254/185 nm) + O3 (Activated Oxygen) sterilizations purify the water and ensure it is safe to drink
  • Automatic Activation
    – Sterilization is activated automatically for 30 seconds if the faucet is left unused for 4 hours
  • LED Light Display
    – Show operation status and alert for UV tube replacement
  • Malfunction Alert
    – Red light is on in case of malfunction

UV801 Disinfection Faucet Vs Ordinary Faucet

Everpoll UV801 Disinfection Faucet Ordinary Faucet
Sterilization UV Sterilization+ O3 (Activated Oxygen) Cannot solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by microorganisms
Sterilization rate 99.99% Not applicable
Filtration Can jointly used with filter cartridge, enabling supply of drinking water straight from the tap Possibility of secondary pollution
Maintenance 1-year maintenance service Maintenance service may not be provided

Additional information

Installation Size

29 cm/11.5" (H) (including Faucet Elbow: 12 cm/4.8")




(faucet) No lead, no copper

Flow Rate

<1 gpm

Pressure Requirements


Rated Capacity

Depends on water quality

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